Pesca Maya Hosted Trip 2011

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Pesca Maya Hosted Trip 2011

Nestor, Miguel and I with an Ascension Bay permit!

 William with a nice Ascension Bay bonefish!

Chris with one of many tarpon he has caught on our Pesca Maya trips! For the last several years, McLellan's Fly Shop has hosted a saltwater flats trip to Pesca Maya—one of our favorite saltwater destinations. Located on the Yucatan Peninsula along the northern edge of Ascension Bay, Pesca Maya is roughly two-and-a-half hours south of Cancun, at the end of a dirt road through the dense jungle of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve.

2009 was a good snook year. Ben and Chris hooked several back in the mangroves while they were looking for tarpon.

There are some BIG barracuda in Ascension Bay! Terry and Monty need a little help holding this one! 6-ChrisCuda Wire leaders are a must for these guys! 7-DSC00903_0024 You definitely don’t want to lip ‘em! 8-MICHAELBONE I cast to this bone while he was tailing in the turtle grass. When he saw my shrimp pattern, he hammered it into the sand like a jackhammer, with almost his whole tail sticking out and frothing the surface! One of the coolest takes I've ever seen! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Tim and William had a great trip with us in 2010. William hooked several nice tarpon like this one! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Palometa ready for release! Due to the sheer numbers of bonefish, permit, and baby tarpon in Ascension Bay, Pesca Maya is one of the best destinations for both novice as well as more experienced saltwater anglers. With miles and miles of hard white-sand flats, the wade fishing is absolutely spectacular, standing in shin deep water, sight casting to schools of feeding fish! 11-ASCENSIONBAYFLATS With miles and miles of white sand flats, Ascension Bay is a wade-fishing paradise! 12-PescaMayaBone Bonefish feed constantly on the skinny-water flats of Ascension Bay! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Chris with a skinny-water bone! 14-FB7 Ascension Bay bonefish average around one to two pounds. 15-FREDDYBONE However, there are plenty of big bones around to stretch out your backing and make your reel scream! 16-JoelBone Joel with another fat boney! 17-CLOSEUPBONE Bonefish love shrimp! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA In addition to the superb bonefishing, Ascension Bay is also one of the best places in the world to chase Permit with a fly rod, and the baby tarpon fishing can be very good as well! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA To maximize fishing time, we eat lunch out on the flats. Iguana Island is a nice, shady spot for a lunch break. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA One of Iguana Island's namesakes. 22-P10303781 Wildlife is abundant in Ascension Bay. Pelicans and frigate birds are seen everyday. 23-P1020565 Dolphins and giant sea turtles are also seen on a regular basis. 24-DSC00907_0022 The lodging at Pesca Maya sits right on a pristine, private beach! 25-DSC00908_0021 The view from the main house is spectacular! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA And there's no better way to cool off after a long day on the flats than a refreshing dip in the ocean! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Especially with a cold cerveza or margarita! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA After a quick shower and another cold cerveza…. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ….or another margarita…. 30-DSC01598 ….it’s time for a delicious dinner…. 31-IMG_0062_1 ….and more fish stories! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA After dinner, it’s time to tie more flies…. 33-DrakeIMGP1843 ….re-rig rods, and get ready for another awesome day on the flats! Another great feature of Pesca Maya is their unique apprentice guide program. With a head guide and an apprentice guide in each boat, each angler gets one-on-one attention while wade fishing, and another set of trained eyes to help spot fish while fishing from the boat! 34-DSCN9181_1 Chris, Ben and Dawrin rigging up and discussing the best fishing options for the day ahead! 35-PANGAPIC Assistant guide, Freddy, back on point in the Panga already looking for the next school of fish! 36-DSC00938_0002 Monty hooked up in the panga! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Wilberth put William on a lot of nice tarpon! 38-BENTARPON Ben with one of many tarpon he’s hooked in Ascension Bay! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Joel with a nice tarpon! 40-IMGP1278 Pushing through the mangroves to a secret tarpon hole! 41-IMGP1281 Ben with a tarpon he hooked way back in the mangroves! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Another nice tarpon! 43-P1020532 Open wide! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Revived and ready for release! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Back in the mangroves, you never know what you might catch, snapper…. 46-P1020513 ….snapper…. 47-P1020540 ….CROCODILE!!! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA On deck, looking for permit! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ascension Bay—or as it’s sometimes called, the Palometa Coast—is one of the best places in the world to fish for permit of all sizes! 50-DSC00887_0029 Just a baby, but he’ll grow up soon! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 52-DrakeIMGP1869 Pucker up! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 54-DrakeIMGP1868 55-DSCN9152_3 Bill and Jeanne with a huge permit! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Until next year, boney, until next year! A huge thank you to the staff and all of the guides at Pesca Maya, we always have a great time and can’t wait to get back down to Ascension Bay!

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