Kings River - June 6, 2009

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Kings River - June 6, 2009

Dave and I conducted a WaterMaster® Assault© on a stretch of the Kings River this week.

We got a lot of these:

And several of these (look at the tail on this guy):

This one's as big as Dave-- and Dave's a big boy!

Minnow patterns worked well during the day, crawfish in the evening. Water levels are great for floating and the water temp is nice and warm and fishy.

We severely misunderestimated the distance on this float (or maybe we just spent too much time fishing) and wound up having to crank downstream for a couple of hours after dark. Fortunately it was near full moon and we could almost see all the rapids on our way down. It got very chilly when the sun went down-- I was glad to have an extra layer in my pack.


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