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Bull Shoals Tailwater - August 24, 2010

Bull Shoals Dam shut off last night and stayed off 'til noon! The fish are fat and stupid right now, so get over there as soon as you can. They will eat just about anything, but scuds and sowbugs were hot. And about one out of ten fish blew up on my hopper indicator! The schedule says no generation until 2pm, but I'm not sure I believe that. At the least though, it should remain off until around noon again and likely the same for the next several days as the "cold front" passes through. Just start upriver in the morning with plans to head downstream in the afternoon. You'll have all day to fish. Sorry no pictures. My ancient 2MP Fish Cam finally sighed its last breath this morning. --Todd P.S. Reports of low dissolved oxygen had me worried, but judging by the appetite and spunk of these fish and those on Norfork Monday, it doesn't seem to be a problem. Maybe the aspirator vents at the dams are making a difference.

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