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Alaska - August 25, 2009

Massive char!

Hey Guys,
Y’all helped us get set up with some gear for our float this summer on the American Creek in Alaska. I just wanted to say thanks again and give a short fishing report.

Nice Alaskan bow!

Flying into Hammersly Lake, our pilot and manager of Rainbow River Lodge, Chad Hewitt, said that he believed that American Creek was, if not the best, it was one of best trout rivers in the world. Now I had my doubts, but after spending over a week on that water, I'd have to agree.

Huge char!

It is a truly amazing fishery; the size, numbers, and aggression of the fish are so great that just thinking about it causes me great pain as I endure the 110 degree days down here in Texas. Hope all is well up in Arkansas, and maybe before too long we'll be able to put a float together up there.

-William Leach

Rainbow on a mouse!

P.S. the mice chucking was phenomenal!

Thanks for the report and the pics, William, and congrats on an awesome trip! We’re glad all the gear worked out well, especially the mouse patterns!

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