Kings River – August 4, 2010

It’s hot and the smallmouth fishing can be tough, but we figured out how to

Bull Shoals Tailwater – August 3, 2010

This just in from Justin F… Todd– as you know we headed to the white

Bull Shoals Tailwater – July 19, 2010

I caught this twenty-two inch brown on Saturday! I floated a stretch of the White

Bull Shoals Tailwater – July 7, 2010

Elizabeth with a NICE Bull Shoals brown trout! With all of the recent low water

Bull Shoals Tailwater – June 22, 2010

The Sulfur Mayfly hatch is in full swing on the White River, with the bugs

Norfork Tailwater – June 21, 2010

We fished the Norfork this past weekend, and had some spectacular fishing! We stayed on

Bull Shoals Tailwater – May 21, 2010

Two buddies and I headed out to the White after learning there would be a

A Lake in the NWA Area – May 18, 2010

Hey guys, Just thought I’d pass this along to you. I’m involved in the Big

Elk River – May 4, 2010


A River in the Ozarks – April 13, 2010

White bass fishing was a little slow last weekend for some folks, though a few

Kings River – April 9, 2010

Todd, thanks for the great info….The Kings fished great last Thursday morning. Matter of fact,

Twin Bridges Area – April 6, 2010

I fished Richland Creek on Monday, and caught lots of small, twelve-inch hybrids as well

Twin Bridges Area – April 4, 2010

Tried my luck on Thursday and hit the white bass run over at Twin Bridges.

Twin Bridges Area – April 1, 2010

The white bass run is on! We’ve had several reports this week of fast and

Beaver Tailwater – March 16, 2010

Mike W. and I fished Saturday at Beaver Tailwater and walked in at the turn-around.

Bull Shoals Tailwater – November 24, 2009

Thought I would forward a couple of Palomino Trout photos. I talked with Tom Bly

Norfork Tailwater – November 9, 2009

Nine-year old Megan tore it up on Norfork (and yes, Dry Run Creek) a couple

Norfork Tailwater – October 12, 2009

David and Brock, of the U of A Fly Fishing Club, braved the soggy weather and

Other Waters – October 2, 2009

A very intriguing report from Tara W of Fayetteville: “Meat fishing” at Wildlife Farms in

Beaver Tailwater – September 24, 2009

posted in Trout on Thu, September 24, 2009 Camera phone capture of Scott Sanders’ 24-inch

Kings River – June 29, 2009

Clouser minnow off a weed bed. First cast of the day!Tom Bie, multi-media magnate owner/operator of The

A Creek in the Ozarks – June 18, 2009

This big bronzeback absolutely HAMMERED my Clouser Minnow as I twitched it through the slack

A Creek in the NWA Area – June 15, 2009

Chris with a massive spoonbill!Michael with another bruiser spoonbill!The Davis brothers are always pushing the

Kings River – June 10, 2009

Russell, Todd and I fished the Kings on Sunday, and we had a great trip!

Kings River – June 6, 2009

Dave and I conducted a WaterMaster® Assault© on a stretch of the Kings River this

A River in the Ozarks – June 2, 2009

Intrepid anglers “Bob” and “Dan” went looking for some wild trout recently. Looks like they did pretty

A Creek in the Ozarks – June 1, 2009

Fished all day in the rain, and man, was it worth it!RichieThat’s a great fish,

Beaver Lake – May 14, 2009

Justin Ferguson reminded us that there’s plenty to do after the whites slide back down

Bull Shoals Tailwater – May 7, 2009

There’s a very fat 18.5-inch rainbow behind all those hands.One of our customers had his

Twin Bridges Area – April 23, 2009

The white bass are running full force, and we’ve also had several reports of hybrids

Twin Bridges Area – March 13, 2009

Before this latest cold snap, we were starting to catch decent numbers of whites, so

Twin Bridges Area – February 28, 2009

On Thursday, just before this latest cold snap, my brother and I headed out to

Norfork Tailwater – February 9, 2009

I had a great day on the Norfork on Saturday. We walked in from Ackerman’s